Corgi and Bun is a multidisciplinary creative partnership at the intersection of community, love, and decolonization.

Whether it’s gathering with friends, running workshops to design products and services, or shaping organizational strategic direction, this blog is about finding ways to create and hold space for one another. This is a log of our exploration and research into understanding the power dynamics within teams and organizations to help provide frameworks for more equitable participation so everyone can bring their whole selves and thrive.

Cordelia Yu

Cordelia Yu is a content and design strategist at the intersection of digital and service design, institutional change, and decolonization. She is also a public speaker on decolonial design facilitation processes and civic tech as well as an independent researcher in participatory democracy. She helps organizations build inclusive teams and practices to design equity-centered products and services and is on the advisory board of Ragtag Team, an organization that connected volunteer technologists with high-impact organizations and campaigns. Her research is in creating models for open and inclusive governance and technology-mediated deliberative democratic practices.

Tina Ye

Tina Ye is a product designer and researcher who has worked on a variety of cross-disciplinary teams at organizations both large (New York Times) and small (pre-Series A tech startups). Throughout her career she has worked to promote collaborative, research-driven design practices, especially in companies that are adopting design processes for the first time. She works to align teams in highly ambiguous contexts, bridge gaps in understanding between disciplines, and facilitate the making of decisions with all stakeholders at the table. She is also a trained chef who knows that sometimes the best way to get people to talk to each other is over food.